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February is Black History Month at The Black Bookshelf.
More Black History Month

Welcome to Black History Month 2003 at BlackBookshelf!

Black History Month has a long history itself. Black historian Carter G. Woodson, "the father of Black history," proposed setting aside some time to honor the achievements of African Americans. Negro History Week was established in 1926 and timed to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass (February 14) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12). In 1976 it was expanded to Black History Month.

Learn more about these Black History Giants: Recommends:

Bill Clinton and Black America
by Dewayne Wickham
The Burning : Massacre, Destruction, and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
by Tim Madigan

In the Black: A History of African Americans on Wall Street
by Gregory S. Bell
The Envy of the World : On Being a Black Man in America
by Ellis Cose

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Thought Provoking:

Hidden Witness
The image is striking: A woman gazes serenely at the camera, baby cradled in her arms in classic Madonna-and-child pose. More striking is the fact that the sitters are black, and the photograph dates from 1860. Renowned collector of early photographs Jackie Napolean Wilson has compiled 70 such images in Hidden Witness, some of which we present alongside the book's introduction.

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Balancing the Scales of Justice
In The Debt, Randall Robinson argues that African Americans deserve reparations for the present-day racism that stems from 246 years of slavery. In an interview with's Eugene Holley Jr., he talks about precedents for such a controversial move and why it would help ease racial tensions in the U.S.

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New Books for Younger Readers
Children's Books for Black History Month
In February, Americans honor both the tragic past and the essential contributions of African Americans. Whether you choose Martin's Big Words, Under the Quilt of Night, or any of the other titles, share this engaging collection of new releases with the young readers in your life.

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Coretta Scott King Awards: Celebrating the American Dream
The Coretta Scott King Awards honor authors and illustrators of African descent whose books embody the American dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his widow, Coretta Scott King. From 1970 to the present, here they are!

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New and Notable
Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

Hidden Witness : African American Images from the Dawn of Photography to the Civil War
by Jackie Napolean Wilson
The Civil Rights Movement : A Photographic History, 1954-68
by Steven Kasher, Myrlie Evers-Williams

The Face of Our Past: Images of Black Women from Colonial America to the Present
by Kathleen Thompson(Editor), et al
by Francesco Mastalia, et al

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For Further Reference
Microsoft Encarta Africana 2000

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Black History Month Essential Bookshelf

Looking for Black History Information? Use the search engine below to search Encarta Encyclopedia! Or Visit Black Facts On-line!

Discover Your History!

Africana : The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience
by Kwame Anthony Appiah, Henry Gates (Editor)
Finding a Place Called Home : A Guide to African-American Genealogy and Historical Identity
by Dee Parmer, Ph.D. Woodtor

The New York Public Library African American Desk Reference
Let Nobody Turn Us Around
by Manning Marable(Editor), Leith Mullings (Editor)
Black History Month Videos
Documentaries, comedies, biographies, classics, blaxploitation, and more--celebrate Black History Month with videos that will both educate and entertain.
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Looking for Black History Information? Use the search engine below to search Encarta Encyclopedia! Or Visit Black Facts On-line!

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